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Bright News on the Horizon—Trinity Catholic High School

Trinity Catholic High School located in North County is a fantastic St. Louis Archdiocesan High School. 

Mission Statement: Trinity Catholic High School is a welcoming and caring community, committed to graduating responsible citizens grounded in Christian values, dedicated to serving others and engaged in life-long learning.

Trinity’s Core Principles:

. Catholic Education,

. Sound and innovative learning programs for a wide range of student abilities

. College prep curriculum includes 14 ACC/AP courses

. A collaborative team among the teachers/students

.We welcome diversity among our students. 

            Enrollment for the 2017/18 school years is: 338 students (100 freshmen)

            41 Faculty and Staff.

            Student/staff Ratio is 9.1

            99% of 2017 class admitted to post-secondary education (1% Military)

            45% of 2017 class took 3 or more College credit hours.

            51% of the Class of 2017 earned scholarships of $2.4 mil.


.Trinity High School is centered around Jesus Christ

. Retreats and Days of Prayer

. Christian Service Programs


.Advanced full accreditation since 2014    

.Core Curriculum includes 40 electives.

.Wireless Campus + I:I  iPad Program

.3 Computer labs with IMAC lab and industrial lab upgrade, thanks to Emerson Electric

. Interscholastic sports  & clubs.


.$9500- Catholic (Includes textbooks).

. $10,155 –Non Catholic ( Includes textbooks).

.Beyond Sunday Scholarships & other Scholarships available-Lessening tuition

As the Pastor of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish and school, I’m impressed to be one of the feeder Catholic grade schools in North County for Trinity High School.  Our grade school graduates have excelled in their growth as young people while attending Trinity HS.

If you have a child or a grandchild living in North County ask them to consider Trinity High School and to arrange a tour.  If you are a Catholic, who no longer has a child/children in your nest, thank you for supporting such a fine high school and know that your support is needed and appreciated.

A proud priest,

In His Love,

 Fr. Rosy 

Rev. Robert Rosebrough, Pastor






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Mass & Sacrament Schedule

Sunday Masses
Saturday: 4:30 pm
Sunday: 8:15 am & 10:30 am

Daily Services - 
Monday: 8:15 am Mass 

Tuesday: 8:15 am Mass

Wednesday: 8:15 am Mass

Thursday: 8:15 am Mass

Friday: 8:15 am Communion Service

No Saturday morning Mass

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday: 3:30 - 4:15 pm in the Church


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