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Election is over!  Now What?  Two days before Election Day, Nov. 8th, there  was a special segment on “60 Minutes” where a controlled group of 30  individuals were asked about the upcoming presidential election.  (They represented a mix of many demographics.)   The moderator asked “How many of you are actually selecting the candidate you want?”  Three persons raised their hands.  Then he asked the group “How many of you are voting for a person because you don’t want the other candidate to win?”  Twenty-seven people raised their hands.  That same spirit seemed to be carried out on Election Day.  

On Wednesday morning, Nov. 9th the country seemed divided.  Some people  celebrated while others called for massive demonstrations and protests . Hopes & fears emerged as the results of the elections took hold and became official.  Now What?

Many weeks before the election a very powerful word came from Archbishop Carlson.  He said, “The morning after the election we are still called to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  Nothing changes that fact and that mission no matter whose party controls Congress or the Presidency”.

(Remember Jesus called His first disciples and formed the early Church in an era when Roman controlled Israel and most of the Middle East.) 

Our responsibility to live out our Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation hasn’t changed.  We, the People, We, the Body of Christ, with the Spirit of Jesus in our hearts and His grace at our disposal will make a difference in the world we live in. 

On Nov. 20th we celebrated Christ the King’s Feast Day, the climax of our Liturgical Year . On  November. 27th we start a new Liturgical Year with the beginning of Jesus becoming Flesh with the dawn of Advent, a season of Hope.

We, members of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta parish, composed of people of many demographic combinations, are sealed in the name of Jesus Christ.  We bear His Name; we gather in His Name; we act in His name no matter whether our choice for presidency is in office or not.  Jesus’ victory over evil is already accomplished and we continue to live it out in our daily lives

In His Love,

Fr. Rosy 

Rev. Robert Rosebrough, Pastor







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