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Recently, the Good Shepherd Gallery in Ferguson displayed 100 pictures of the photographer Henry Chaney, who titled his showing as                                    “Changing the Narrative”. 

The photographs were of many positive moments of people in Ferguson during much of the negative presentations by local and national media.  The display includes photos of:

1) Involvement of the churches and community groups  

2) Respectful dialogue 

3) Constructive protest       

4) Training in safety, rights education and genuine love expressed  

 All these events expressed the Good that arose from the ashes of tragedy.   Henry Chaney said to me “They didn’t tell the whole story,   I wanted to present the positive events and experiences that occurred and developed from the Michael Brown’s death.”  I was impressed at his display.

His title of the showing reminded me that Jesus changed our Narrative by the gift of his Birth, Death & Resurrection.  After Jesus’ calling and forming the disciples, they still experienced doubt and fear in the broken, sinful world in which they lived.  There were rumors of Jesus, their hero, being arrested.  Many Pharisees and Scribes were contentious when Jesus healed someone or talked about welcoming the poor, outcasts, lepers, blind, and even the sinful tax collectors.  When Jesus engaged the lepers and sinners he healed many of them, forgave their sins and their lives changed.  Their narrative changed.  The Samaritan woman left her water jug, ran back to the village and told everyone about her life changing experience with Jesus at Jacob’s well. The villagers ran to the well to experience Jesus themselves and their narrative changed.  The Samaritan woman’s life sharing story has moved my heart to embrace the same life-giving water of Jesus that she tasted at the well.

When Jesus took Peter, James and John up the mountain and was transfigured in Glory, their lives changed. Even though they didn’t understand any of this at the time, Jesus told them that He would be glorified after His death & resurrection. That event is recorded in the scriptures so that we too may embrace the hope that Jesus gives to us to live each day and the glory that awaits us.

When we come to the Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper, we are responding to our Lord’s invitation to let Him  Change our Narrative in our daily lives.  In the Eucharist, Jesus feeds us with His Word; then, He changes Bread & Wine into His Body and Blood, our food for the journey.  As Jesus poured all His love and His very self into that Last Supper moment, we too pour all of our brokenness, sinfulness, struggles, joys, and our thanksgiving into the bread and wine.  Jesus in turn embraces our very selves, as we are, and unites us with His very self. We are one with Him as a gift to the Heavenly Father.  Our Narrative Changes! Once again, Jesus enters Our Story!  As He feeds us His Body and His Blood, we become Agents of Change in His Name.  We, who experience His love and grace at the Eucharist, are Narrative Changers as we go back into the midst of our family, workplace, and neighborhood and in our church ministries.  We share the gift of hope and the life-giving water we have experienced. 

I remember well an incident that occurred many years ago.  Maggie Irby and her son, Odell joined the Catholic Church.  Maggie was full of joy.  Her demeanor and spirit was transfigured for all to see.  As I took my routine jog one day, a man named Bill Montgomery, who lived next to Maggie, yelled for me to stop.    He said, “I have known Maggie and her family for many years and she is a changed person, so happy now and so full of life.  I want what she’s got!  Can I become Catholic?”  Six months later he joined the faith community.  Jesus Changed their Narrative.

In His Love,

Fr. Rosy 

Rev. Robert Rosebrough, Pastor





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