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Lesson Plans 4/27-5/1 elearning

Monday, April 27 YouTube video

Tuesday, April 28 YouTube video

Wednesday, April 29 YouTube video

Thursday, April 30 YouTube video

Lesson Plans 5/4-5/8 elearning

Monday, May 4 YouTube video

Tuesday, May 5 Youtube video

Wednesday, May 6 Mother's Day book

Wednesday, May 6 Mother's Day Drawing



In math we will be reviewing "Some, some more" stories, addition word problems, time to the hour, and addition. Below are links to addition word problems, time to the hour and 3D shapes. 

video thumbnail


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Below is a link to a counting game.  You can modify it so your child can count backwards/forwards, by 1's, 2's, 5's, or 10's.  

Image result for whack a mole numbers gameThe Money Song | Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter | Jack Hartmann ...


Sight words- no,  he, make, play, said, good, she, all

                         do, down, have, help, look, out, off, take


Reading will be focused on reading sentences to match the illustration and reviewing rhyming.  Remember to read the whole sentence and be careful of the vowels in the middle of the words.  Our decodable reader is Max Is Down!.

aw,    ow



In religion we will look at how God always listens to our prayer and how Jesus taught us how to pray. Below is a link to a short video on prayer.

  We Believe with Project Disciple, K-6, School School Edition ...









Art Hub

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Click on the pictures below to learn about seeds.

How Do Big Plants Grow From Such Small Seeds? | Vermont Public Radio  How a Seed Grows (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1): Jordan ...



Click on links below to learn about living and nonliving.

What's Alive? (Rise and Shine) (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1 ...Free Monkey Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on thumbnail








ixl- Instructions on how to log in.

Make sure you read everyday for 20 minutes. Below are GREAT links for books online. Reading website with a wide variety of books.  The free educator version of Epic is for use in the classroom or school library between 6am-4pm Monday through Friday. For use at home, students should be using the home version of Epic

Log in with your class code
Select their name and they’re in!


  Scholastic Learn At Home- We will be using this website a couple of times a week.

Before you get started, you must first set up your free account for Book Flix and our Watch & Learn Library. It's simple—just use the following info:

username: Learning20 | password: Clifford We will be using this math website instead of Math Fact Challenges.  This will be used multiple times a week but your child can work on it as many times as they would like in a week.  I can track their progress through my account.  I have already set up accounts for each student.  They will need to use their password to log in. Great Math website! This is a fun and optional website.  You will have to set up your child’s own account.  They do not have a kindergarten level but choose 1st grade. They will need assistance since it is 1st grade curriculum but your child might know more than what you think!
















Welcome to Kindergarten!


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Class Pictures- updated monthly

Image result for video camera clipart black and whiteTying shoes video

Image result for shoe clipart


Counting by 2's

Image result for rocket dogs scratch garden

Counting by 5's

Image result for jack hartmann

Counting by 1's

Image result for the singing walrus

Counting Backwards

Image result for counting backwards jack hartmann

/ar/ SOUND

Image result for piraTE CLIPART

If You're a Kid [Animal Remix] (song for kids about animal sounds ...

Important: I have to take attendance at the end of every week.  For Kindergarten please take a picture of your child’s completed Weekly Chart on Friday and email it to me at or text at 314-605-9255.  Look below for example.