About Our Parish

We are a Catholic people, joined together in the Eucharist.

We are carriers of God's love , to one another and to the greater community.  

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish and School is a synthesis and culmination of six parishes (St. Bartholomew, Holy Angels, Holy Ghost, St. Sebastian, Good Shepherd, Sts. John & James) whose energy and spirit were fused together in our parish mission in July 2005.

The traditions, the heritages and the benefactors of these former parishes are blended by the Holy Spirit to form, educate and prepare us to become ambassadors of the Gospel. Our parish is deeply rooted in the faith of the people who have come together bringing rich traditions to our new parish. We are also a parish that welcomes diversity and change as we continue to be carriers of God’s Love to One Another and the Greater Community.

The 22 square mile territory of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish comprises the North County municipalities of Hazelwood, Calverton Park, Berkeley, Kinloch, Cool Valley, Normandy, Ferguson, Dellwood, Jennings and Florissant.