Parish Leadership Groups

Parish Council

The parish council enables the laity to participate in the total vision of the parish by setting a mission statement, parish policies, goals, and objectives. In a spirit of cooperation and a community of faith, all should be prepared to implement the conclusions of the parish pastoral council. Parishioners need to feel free to offer constructive commentary on council decisions.

Priests, religious, and laity together form the council. The council, therefore, does not set parish policy independently of the pastor, nor does the pastor establish policy independently of the council.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s Parish Council Members:

  • Eileen Weiskopf, Chair
  • Lorenzo Robinson
  • Ann Ernst
  • Lisa Lonero
  • Catherine Hayek
  • Sarah Frankum
  • Judy Dawson
  • Connor Grumich
  • Pearce Neikirk
  • Corrin Thornton

Ex Officio:

  • Jeanne Baer
  • Jeff Finnegan
  • Fr. Thomas Haley
  • Deacon Al Love
  • Claudia Dougherty

Finance Council

Since Vatican II the Church on all levels has broadened its understanding of the need to gather our collective wisdom and to share responsibility for the life and growth of the parish. Canon Law specifically places the responsibility for administration of parish goods with the Pastor (Canon 532) and requires that each parish have a finance council to help the Pastor with this administrative responsibility (Canon 537). Full compliance with Canon Law requires that the Parish Finance Council be actively engaged in a consultative capacity with the Pastor regarding parish and school financial matters.


Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s Parish Finance Council Members:

  • Mr. Patrick Wall, Chair
  • Mr. Gerry Bucher
  • Mrs. Lori Chisholm Howell
  • Mr. Bob McGartland
  • Mr. Mike Noelker
  • Mr. Dan Petru
  • Mr. Jim Sailor
  • Fr. Tom Haley, Pastor
  • Deacon Allen Love, Business Manager

Board of Education

The purpose of the board is to advise the pastor in making policy for the parish educational programs. These programs include the school, the parish school of religion and other formal educational activities.

Blessed Teresa of Caluctta’s Board of Education Members:

  • Fr. Thomas Haley - Pastor
  • Mrs. Claudia Dougherty - Principal
  • Deacon Allen Love - Director of Finance
  • Dan Weyrauch - Board Chairman
  • Erin Lee - Marketing
  • Tellany Graham
  • Antonnella Heil
  • Jeremy Lee
  • Mary Margaret Orbin
  • Erin Reid
  • Bryonka White